Monday – 5, Tuesday – 4, Wednesday – 6, Thursday – 7, Friday – 7, Saturday – 13… What… 13?  Thirteen hours of sleep that is.   My favorite part of the weekend is catching up on some sleep.

If there isn’t something needed to be accomplished on a weekend morning, I sleep like a rock.  The traffic on Lake Shore Drive, screeching of train wheels on the tracks, sirens from police cars passing might seem like annoying interruptions.  Not for me.  I hear nothing, except the dialogue in my dreams.

After June 30th, I will be retiring.  That is probably what I look forward to most about retirement.  Sleeping past 4:30 A.M. each day seems like a dream come true after 37 years of that routine.   Everyday can be a Saturday.  Will it mean as much?  Will I start to take sleep for granted?  I hope not.

But for now, Saturdays are a gift.


5 thoughts on “Everyday

  1. Sonja Schulz says:

    oooh—yes! I slept 12 hours last night. It was glorious. How exciting to be so close to retirement and here’s hoping that you enjoy your sleep just as much!


  2. Interesting lead…really drew me in! I know that once you retire and have a bit of time to catch up on those zzz’s you’ll be popping up early again looking for new post-retirement adventures!!!!


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