This Place

Actually, we had planned to go to a different restaurant for dinner last night, but we were running late and couldn’t find a parking spot on the street.  So, we went around the block and found it easy to park in front of this restaurant.  I quickly cancelled our Open Table reservation at one place and made a new reservation at this place.

We eat here often; however, it has been a while since our last visit.  We strolled through the door and checked in with the host.  Immediately, the bartender, Jose, saw us and ran out from behind the bar to greet us.  His words gave us such a warm feeling.  With a gigantic smile, he said, “It is a blessing to see you tonight! I’ve missed you.”

Wow!  That felt good.

Coincidentally, Jose was also the server for our table. After we perused the menu, we began to stating our choices.  Ordering is never easy for our group.  One can’t eat any spice, another is allergic to shrimp, and another can’t digest tomatoes.  Jose, patiently listened to our needs and made the necessary adjustments to our orders.  He commented, “I am honored to serve you, and I promise that your meals will be prepared exactly as you requested.”

Wow!  That felt good.

Thank goodness this restaurant had the available parking spaces.  It might not have been our first choice, but it was definitely our best choice. Usually, we think about satisfying our hunger when we go to a restaurant.  This time we satisfied our soul.

Wow!  That felt good.


5 thoughts on “This Place

  1. Mealtime, be it in a restaurant or at home is best when it is a shared, human experience. It is the re-gathering of friends and family , and if the repast matches the company, it is indeed a celebration


  2. Well, Jose sounds like someone I want to meet! He sounds to me like one of those people that is doing way above and beyond what is required of him. Or maybe he just REALLY likes you guys!

    Loved this line: Usually, we think about satisfying our hunger when we go to a restaurant. This time we satisfied our soul.

    It really tied the whole story together and brought it home for me.


  3. Sonja Schulz says:

    how lovely and refreshing to have this fantastic level of service. Your line about satisfying your soul was beautiful and perfect for this slice.


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