I Am What I Am

“Intangible, Incredible, inventive, unforgettable,

Exceptional, desirable, successful, undeniable

Adaptable, agreeable, emotional, amenable,

Invaluable, respectable, powerful, indispensable.”

These are the words that open the song by rocker, Cathy Richardson called “What I am.”  Just listening to this song is empowering for young and old, boys and girls, basically, anyone on this planet!

For me, this song says that I accept myself for who I am and nothing is going to pull me down into that negative place of self-doubt.  So often, we let a challenging situation, a random comment, or a pessimistic acquaintance influence our mood.

As Cathy says, “I am beautiful. I am magical. I am fantastical. I am what I am.”  She says so much more in her song.  However, I don’t want to it ruin for you.

Listening to this song takes me back to my junior high years when I had my bedroom walls painted orange and yellow, such happy colors.  On my bulletin board was my smiley face button collection.  It sounds so corny, but I started each day glancing at the multitude of colorful smiley faces head-on or in my peripherals.  I was a really happy kid, always laughing.

I grew up to be a really happy adult.  I love to laugh. Who doesn’t?  Maybe, being surrounded by bright colors and happy faces had a lasting effect?

Thank you, Cathy Richardson, for reminding us all that we are who we are, and we are fantastical!



8 thoughts on “I Am What I Am

  1. I need to find this song! I love how positive and upbeat your post was too. I needed that today! Great lyrics, great story of your old bedroom and great reminder! Thank you for sharing.


  2. This is what drew me to you when we first met – the fact that you were naturally happy. Smiley face button collection – that is HILARIOUS!!! I can just picture you – a young Kathy – looking at that collection every morning and smiling and laughing. It’s actually very sweet. Thanks for bringing that contagious happiness to my world!


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