Surgeon and Dancer Extraordinaire

Last night, I went to a breast cancer fundraiser called “Dancing with Chicago Celebrities.”  Jarrod Payton was a judge as well as last year’s winner.  There were also Chicago radio personalities, including Peggy Kazinski, who raised the most donations of all the celebrities in attendance.

However, the real celebrity that I went to see was a corporate contestant who was my surgeon, Dr. Nora Jaskowiak.  She is the head of the Breast Center at the University of Chicago.  She has dedicated her career to saving lives every day, mine included.

Her brother-in-law, Lou Manfredini (Mr. Fix-it) has a video of her rocking it around the clock on his Facebook page.  Here is the link, in case you would like to check out the world’s most magnificent surgeon and rug cutter:


Looking at Dr. J’s picture, you see the biggest smile on her face.  She kept that smile throughout the event.  The exhilaration that she was feeling was evident in her expression all night long.  Her family had expressions of pride and excitement as patients came to the table one by one to share their stories of how Dr. J. saved their lives.  When she was on the dance floor, we all went wild hooting and hollering!

Seeing that ear to ear smile, makes it hard to imagine the tragedy that she faces each day.  Dr. J. looks into the face of evil as she cuts away the cancer cells and masses that attack the insides of so many.   However, the only thing she cut last night was a rug.

Dr. Nora Jaskowiak is an angel with the skilled hands and a huge heart!

Now, I know that she has dancing feet too!




8 thoughts on “Surgeon and Dancer Extraordinaire

  1. I absolutely love this – in every way. The picture gives a visual for your words – and boy does it say it all! Your last paragraph – Dr. J looking into the face of evil and cutting it away – what a life she leads – servant in every way. So lucky are all that are graced by her presence – and her skill.


  2. Love this slice of your surgeon with skilled hands, a huge heart, and dancing feet! I watched the video and it’s filled with her energy. Glad she blesses so many lives, including yours.


  3. This is great! You really captured the fun of the evening and your admiration for this superhero. I love how the seriousness of the last paragraph is capped off with “cutting a rug.” Great Slice!


  4. I have heard about Dr. J (the other Dr. J) for many years now and have been quietly, but profoundly grateful to her. It’s wonderful to put a face with the name and the whole evening and your depiction of it sounds perfect!!


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