A Lakefront Wonder


Tent from window

Looking out the window, I saw a tent                                                                                                         I wasn’t sure just what it meant.

It was so large looming along the lake                                                                                                       A sigh of wonder I had to make.

So, I did exactly what others do                                                                                                          When they need to find out just what is true.

I asked a neighbor if she knew of this site                                                                                           She clued me in with great delight.

She explained if I like Cirque du Soleil                                                                                                                    I would really enjoy this show any April day.

Galloping on horseback the ladies and gents                                                                                           Will make us ooh and ah at the amazing events.

So, under the big top I will soon be                                                                                           Experiencing Odyssey Cavalia, my friends and me.





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