Morning Surprise

Jumped up at 3:45 A.M. in case there was an overnight snowstorm                                    Eagerly looked out the window with anticipation                                                                    Relieved to see that all was calm

Lumbering to the shower to get ready for work                                                                       Moseyed to the garage and started the car                                                                                  Merged onto the expressway in the dark skies of early morning

Shocked awake with a sudden turn of events                                                                             Massive snowflakes blowing all around me                                                                                Covered expressway with lanes undetectable

Slipping and sliding cars everywhere you turn                                                                        Slapping windshield wipers trying to clear the view ahead                                                 Crawling headlights in my rear-view mirror

Gripping the steering wheel for dear life                                                                                        Chattering teeth during the 2-hour slide, I mean ride                                                           Passing accident after accident along the road

Praying for the exit to appear A.S.A.P.                                                                                          Inching up the ramp with eyes wide open                                                                                     Pulling into the parking lot with a mighty sigh

Taking a long-awaited breath                                                                                                    Wondering how the calm turned violent so quickly                                                                Smiling with a sense of victory after making it in one piece


4 thoughts on “Morning Surprise

  1. The way you took us from your early morning wake up all the way through your treacherous drive to work – so detailed and so scary!!! It’s my worst nightmare – that kind of drive. You captured it beautifully. I can also totally relate to that sense of victory of making it in one piece to your destination.


  2. You use of poetic form to capture a challenging morning commute, complete with feelings on the side, was perfect for today. So much snow so close to the first day of Spring. It’s pretty, but not in March.


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