In the Still of the Morning

It’s 6:00 A.M. and all is quiet at work. It is just the mice and me. My day has just begun, where as the mice are about ready for a nap.

I can hear the rattle of the heater.  I brew three pots of coffee so the waft will welcome the ladies when they enter soon.  I think about what to write my Slice about today.

This is my time.  My time to catch up on some of the things I couldn’t finish yesterday.  My time to look over my calendar and think about the day ahead.  My time to gaze around my office and contemplate when I will make time to do a deep cleaning.  Tomorrow? Next week?  Spring break?  June?  There always seems to be something more important impending.

I really enjoy the stillness, the anticipation of what the new day will bring.

Wait.  I hear the front door open.  I see a light switch on in the hallway.  I guess, my time is over, and our time has just begun.


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