The Show Must Go On!

March SOLSC17 Day 18


Last night, we went to City Winery in Chicago to hear the music of Howie Day.  By the way, City Winery is the best venue for a concert!  It is an intimate setting with such crisp sound.

Everything was going so well.  Howie was mixing it up with some old and new songs.  He told some stories between tunes that made you chuckle.  Our table was along the wall, toward the front of the room with many tables and people behind us. The concert was sold out.

Suddenly, we heard some chairs moving across the floor. We turned around to see several people stand up and hover in a small area.  As I craned my neck, I could see a woman lying flat on the floor.  The manager, Ryan who is always incredible, flew over and knelt down by the woman offering her comfort as she began to regain her awareness.  Later, I found out that a nurse and a doctor who were in the audience darted over to offer their services.

Howie Day glanced that way, knowing that something was happening; however, he played on.  From the center forward, most of the audience was unaware of the incident.  By continuing to play and sing his heart out he was able to keep the focus on the stage.

Shortly, paramedics entered through the side emergency door.  They used flashlights and quietly assessed the situation.

Howie played on.

Next, three police officers walked in to ensure that everyone was okay.  Again, they used flashlights.  Everyone spoke so quietly that it was barely noticeable.

Howie played on.

Within minutes, a couple of paramedics went outside and returned with a stretcher which they converted into a rolling chair.  They helped the woman sit, and they rolled her out unobtrusively and headed to the ambulance.

Instantly, the chairs were returned to the tables, and the fans in that section returned to their seats.  Everything went back to how it had been before the occurrence.

Through it all, Howie played on.  I noticed that he had refrained from telling stories between songs.  He would finish one song and quickly began another before the clapping completely ended.

He must have been distracted and concerned throughout the situation.  He must have wondered if the woman was okay.  I’m sure many things were racing through his mind.  However, you would never know it.  He kept the eyes of the audience on him.

Howie Day and Kathy

Howie was a pro!  He followed the golden rule of performance, “The show must go on!”


8 thoughts on “The Show Must Go On!

  1. Colin Davitt says:

    What a story! I kinda related this to the classrooms of kids we teach. Sometimes things are falling apart and the kids look to us, like the audience looked to Howie.

    If we remain calm or our approach to something is low key, the kids pick on that. They respond to our level of energy. Pretty sure that is a lesson I can take home with me to my own kids.


  2. Whew, I’m sure everyone was concerned but concentrating to focus on the entertainer. I love when personal stories are shared within the music, it allows you a glimpse into his life.


  3. Sonja Schulz says:

    What a pro! Yes, the show must go on–and I’m sure that woman was grateful not to have any more attention on her than already had to be.


  4. room311news says:

    That would have been difficult, for everyone involved. It happened at church years ago, and the same thing, the priest just kept going.


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