Death of a Cannoli Salesman

March SOLSC17 Day 19


Did you ever want something so badly that you could taste it?  No pun intended, just because the word cannoli is in my title.

Well, a friend of ours, Vinnie, is about to do something that he has always wanted to accomplish, and I am so proud of him.

Vinnie is one of the most spectacular servers at City Winery.  Vinnie has a gigantic Italian heart!  He loves everyone he meets and becomes an endearing friend in just seconds.  Vinnie has been writing a play for years.  He spent most of his free time creating a script for a “someday” performance.

When Vinnie turned 35, he became very ill.  He found out he had Leukemia which is a cancer of the blood cells.  For a while it was touch and go.  He spent about a year in the hospital receiving treatments.  Finally, his disease went into remission, and he was able to spend the next year recovering from home.  While he was recuperating, Vinnie kept working on his play.

I think what pulled him through was Vinnie’s amazing, positive attitude.  He focused on healing, gaining his strength, and keeping his mind buzzing with creativity.  Slowly, he was able to go back to work a few hours, then a few days at City Winery.

Well, the good news is that Vinnie has returned to his full time position.  Regardless of his traumatic last couple of years, he never stopped thinking about his dream.  Finally, Vinnie’s “someday” is about to come true!

Vinnie’s play Death of a Cannoli Salesman is going to make its debut next Sunday on the stage at City Winery Chicago.  All of his friends are going to be there for his premiere!  Of course, we will be in attendance and ready to laugh at the genius of his comedy and probably cry with delight that he made it through the darkness to the bright lights of the stage.

Next Sunday, Vinnie will be able to taste victory.  This will be a slice of life that Vinnie and all of us will never forget!




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