Death of a Cannoli Salesman: Part Due

Today was the day!  Vinnie’s play Death of a Cannoli Salesman premiered at City Winery in Chicago! All of his friends and family showed up. Of course, we were at a table front and center.  The house was packed.  What a day!

Viniie Opening the Play

Vinnie introduced the play and held a bottle of wine with the name of the play on the label.  If purchased, the cast would sign it after the show.  Of course, I was counting on that one.

We enjoyed every minute of the show.  We laughed from the first line.  The actors were local and were really wonderful.


At intermission, something really amazing happened.  Vinnie started to thank the people that made this play happen.  He approached his girlfriend’s table and asked her to stand up.  As he stated his gratitude for being by his side, he took her hand and walked her to the center of the room in front of the stage.

With all eyes on him, Vinnie got down on one knee and proposed to Gwen, his girl, the love of his life.   She was stunned.  She had no idea that this had been planned.Vinnie Proposing 3

Thankfully, she accepted with tears of joy in her eyes.  The cast and audience cheered them on!

Vinnie propsing





Proudly he walked up to family members and provided bear hugs.  The shirt he exposed as he knelt down to pop the question had a diamond ring on it and said, “I cannoli be happy if you say yes.”

After intermission, the play wrapped up.  It was fantastic.  Vinnie received a well-deserved standing ovation.  Today, his dream of premiering his play came true.  Moreover, his dream of becoming an engaged man was also achieved.  What a beautiful day for Vinnie and such a fantastic day for a loving couple.  What a joy to observe!


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