March #SOLC17 Day 25


Triple points at Nordstrom means I drop everything and go. My friend and I met at the store directly from work the other day. We escalated up to our favorite department and promptly scanned the area for our valued saleswoman; Julia. Julia makes sure to call or text whenever these events occur.

Another sales lady approached us with a big smile and said, “Are you ladies Kathy and Carrie?”

We felt very special, she knew our names.

She went on to tell us that Julia had given her specific directions in the event that she was on her break when we arrived. This kind woman knew which dressing room we preferred and was fabulous in taking our clothes there for us.

Within 10 minutes Julia returned with bottles of water in hand and had already placed a few items that she thought we would like in the desired dressing room.  Fortunately, or unfortunately, we liked just about everything! We practically needed a U-Haul to get our items to the register!

Julia began ringing up Carrie’s purchases and without blinking an eye, another salesperson began ringing me up. What was even more impressive about this was that the woman was ringing on Julia’s number thus Julia still got credit for the sale.

I commented on how remarkable it was to see such teamwork. Their response…It’s all about making sure our customers feel valued and their time has been well spent.

When our purchase was complete and we each had multiple bags, both saleswomen quickly offered to help us carry our packages to the car.  Even though we didn’t take them up on it, we were astounded by their kindness.  That’s even more than teamwork -that’s compassion with passion.


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