Making a Difference Every Day

March #SOLC17 Day 27


Last week, I went with a friend to an appointment at the University of Chicago.  U of CAs we walked through the hallway we saw an interesting sign on the wall.  This sign was surrounded by pictures of staff who make a difference for patients every day. dd



There was one picture in particular that stood out to me.  It was of a woman who U of C 2worked in the cafeteria cleaning.  She referred to herself as “just a cleaner,” but her supervisor shared so much more.  She explained that Roberta goes out of her way to ask puzzled visitor’s if she can help them or answer questions.   People often ask about the menu, or she helps them with directions to other locations in the hospital.

When referring to hospitals, we often think of the contributions of doctors and nurses, but overlook so many others that make the somewhat anxious experience a little more comforting.  It was nice to see that members of the staff are recognized and appreciated at the hospital.

Between appointments, my friend and I went up to the Sky Lounge cafeteria for a bite to eat.  We ordered our lunch and looked around for Roberta.  We couldn’t find her.

So, we picked up our order and perused the area for a table.  We walked over to a nice one by the window.  Ironically, the table was really dirty.  There were no cleaning people in sight.  Hmm.  I walked to the counter, grabbed some napkins and water, and proceeded to clean our table.

Roberta must have had the day off.  She deserves it, but boy the whole place goes down hill when she’s not there!





6 thoughts on “Making a Difference Every Day

  1. What a good slice! It’s good to remember all of the people that make things run smoothly (and cleanly). Our schools would really suffer without cafeteria workers, custodial staff, nurses, and everyone else that doesn’t work with students directly but impacts the school community so much.


  2. Insightful slice!! Makes me want to go say thank you to all the people that do the little things that add up. From our staff at school to the people who help me at the stores – we should all stop and appreciate them!


  3. I spent more than a month in the hospital with my husband and I came to realize how important every single person was to the inner workings of the hospital. Thanks for this reminder.


  4. Sonja Schulz says:

    This really warms my heart. I feel the same way about Ms. Gloria who makes sure the library is spic and span and smelling fabulous. What on earth would I do without her?


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